The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Soursop Alkaline Tea

The leaf of the soursop fruit tree is used to make the herbal tea known as soursop tea. Flavonoids, phytosterols, and tannins are some of the antioxidants in fruit and leaves. Graviola tea, also known as soursop tea, is reputed to have potent anti-cancer properties. Unfortunately, when studying soursop leaves in clinical studies, researchers have not been able to substantiate this benefit.

Is Soursop Alkaline?

An alkaline diet consists of alkaline foods and has been linked to several health advantages, including inflammation reduction, improved digestion, and weight loss.

Soursop is a naturally alkaline fruit, just like other foods that are considered healthy. Soursop has a variable pH depending on how ripe it is, although it usually ranges from 6 to 7 on the pH scale.

What is Soursop?

Tropical fruit known as the soursop originated in Central and South America portions. Despite not being as well known as some other fruits, it has gained popularity recently because of its distinctive flavour and health advantages.

A fruit called soursop, commonly called a graviola, grows on trees in the tropics of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The fruit's green, leathery covering covers an oval-shaped body. The fruit's white flesh is filled with black seeds. A lot of juices and other treats include soursop. Additionally, the soursop tree's leaves have therapeutic uses.

What is soursop tea?

Tropical regions of North and South America are home to soursop trees. The soursop fruit has a thorny, big, green, oval, or heart-shaped fruit.

The fruit has a musky flavour; it tastes like a banana or papaya. Making soursop tea, also known as Graviola tea, is another widespread usage for the leaves of the soursop fruit tree.

Soursop is sometimes called guanabanas, custard apples, or Brazilian paw paws. Some individuals sometimes mix soursop tea with other ingredients like soursop fruit, matcha, or different herbal blends to customise the flavour or increase the health benefits. Juice, smoothies, ice cream, and other sweet delicacies are made from the fruit of people.

How do you prepare soursop tea?

If you have access to fresh (or dried) soursop leaves, you can make soursop tea at home without difficulty. However, you could have trouble finding soursop because it is only grown locally in some tropical areas of the Americas. Generally, herbalists, natural health stores, and import shops carry them.

People who have tried this tea say it tastes like freshly mowed grass. It tastes like herbal tea on its own. You can mix the tea with other teas like green tea, matcha tea, or herbal tea for a better flavour.

Soursop Tea Health Benefits

The most crucial soursop tea health advantage you'll find promoted online or in stores is its ability to treat cancer. Many believe that graviola tea, or tea prepared from soursop leaves, can treat, prevent, or even completely eradicate cancer. But unfortunately, there isn't much solid evidence to support those statements.

Although preliminary research suggests that soursop has both chemopreventive and therapeutic potential5, there are no definitive findings, and more study is necessary.

Reputable cancer groups still suggest being cautious:

  • According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Graviola has demonstrated anticancer potential in lab research, but human data are insufficient.
  • According to the English-based nonprofit organisation Cancer Research UK, there is no proof that Graviola can treat cancer.
  • The American Cancer Treatment Center recommends, "Experts advise against using the fruit as a cancer treatment. Although studies on animals suggest soursop helps combat cancer, no human studies have been done. Therefore, there is no proof of its efficacy or safety."

Some individuals take soursop to treat infections, coughs, weight loss, herpes, inflammation of the nose and throat, and parasite infections like lice, in addition to its ability to fight cancer. Others might take soursop fruit or graviola tea to make themselves throw up or relax.

Who Should Drink Soursop Tea?

Most adults can enjoy the health advantages of sorrel tea with little to no risk. Additionally, since soursop tea lacks caffeine, it's a fantastic option for anyone seeking a hot beverage that won't give them jitters or anxiety.

Soursop tea is an excellent supplement for those battling cancer, immune system issues, or bacterial infections. The fruit's different characteristics, as we just discussed, can aid the body in warding off illness and disease.


Alkaline soursop tea has a wide range of advantages. For example, it has been demonstrated that this alkaline miracle fruit can help promote weight loss, strengthen the immune system, and fight cancer.

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