Batana Oil: 100% Pure & Natural Alkaline Food For Your Body

You probably weren't even aware that there was a solution to all of your problems—it's called Batana oil. 

What is Batana oil?

Ojon oil, also known as Batana oil, is most likely something you've never heard of. Therefore, only coconut oil can be used as a comparison. However, the way the batana oil is produced gives it a unique texture and colour.

The nut of the Honduran wild American palm tree, which grows in large numbers, is used to make Batana oil. It has been dubbed "miracle oil" and is traditionally used as a skin and hair treatment in Honduras and Central America. The Moskitia tribe of native Americans went by the name Tawira, which translates as "People of Beautiful Hair."

Benefits Of Batana Oil For Hair

Although this oil has many incredible benefits, we are primarily interested in what it can do for hair. See the following benefits of using Batana oil on hair:

The least processed Batana hair oil, known as "natural," has the primary advantage of being packed with several vitamins and micronutrients. Hair oil is essentially food for your hair.

  1. Growth

A thorough Batana hair oil massage also promotes increased blood flow to the scalp. In addition, as the oil is evenly distributed across the scalp, all hair roots receive nutrients immediately.

Oleic acid and linoleic acid together provide up to 90% of the oil's nutritional value. Together with the fatty acids, this nourishes and penetrates the hair shafts and roots, restoring their optimal health and promoting hair growth.

  1. Humidity

Because it is primarily an emollient, batana oil is very hydrating. Therefore, it's beneficial for feeding your hair. In addition, batana oil will prevent the harshness of water or the detergents in shampoos from overly drying out your damaged ends.

  1. Density

Batana oil is renowned for restoring damaged hair and promoting growth because of its fatty acids. It enters the hair shaft's outer layer. As a result, your hair becomes thicker and more robust due to increased regrowth and decreased hair loss.

Batana oil for hair effectively prevents hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. Therefore, you can use the oil if you have a hair loss issue, and the results will be positive.

  1. Colour

This oil can be used as an all-natural dye by naturally darkening gray and white hairs. Hence, they return your hair to its natural colour and are beneficial for hair growth and avoiding breakage. Batana oil for hair, like any effective conditioner, might support hair shaft strength and reduce breakage. You can use the oil in place of traditional conditioners or add a few drops to your regular conditioner to increase its smoothing power.

  1. Shine

The oleic and linoleic acids in Batana oil do wonders for hair harmed by UV rays, pollution, hair dyes, or other chemical treatments by making it shinier overall. It gives the shaft of your hair a shield of defense. In addition, it causes your hair to become smoother and more polished and increases light reflection.

If you want to experience less hair breakage and see more growth and strength in your hair, Batana oil is worth a try.

How to use Batana Oil 

  • Just enough time to turn the Batana into oil should be given in a double boiler (DO NOT USE A MICROWAVE, IT IS DESTROYED BY THE MICROWAVE).
  • Use your fingertip to apply a small quantity of product to the scalp, covering the area where hair is thinning and giving it a gentle massage if you can.
  • Place a plastic bag over your head to generate heat and help the oil penetrate the scalp.
  • Travel for 20 to 30 minutes a couple of times per week.
  • To get the best effects, wash your hair as usual, but with less shampoo, preferably a natural shampoo.

6 Reasons To Use Batana Oil For Hair

  • By penetrating the hair follicles deeply, the oil promotes hair growth.
  • Batana oil helps the scalp stay healthy while fending off issues like lice, dandruff, and insect bites.  
  • The oil moisturizes dry hair.
  • Batana oil makes hair more lustrous and shiny.
  • The oil makes the hair softer.
  • Batana oil contributes to longer hair by preventing split ends and hair breakage.


Batana oil is a necessity for everyone to have in their homes. It is an essential item that should be in every home because it offers so many advantages. The oil itself is pure gold, and everyone can reap the benefits of this unique, incredible product.

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