Dr.Sebi's Alkaline Diet: Dr. Sebi Heal all Disease Book

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What is Dr. Sebi's diet?

The late Dr. Sebi (real name Alfredo Darrington Bowman), a self-described herbalist and healer from Honduras, worked in naturopathy and herbal medicine in America. Even though he lacked a medical degree and a Ph.D., he "treated" several Hollywood A-listers and pushed a special diet that claimed to cure all chronic illnesses that eventually rendered the body infirm.

The "mucus-lowering alkaline diet," primarily consisting of plant-based meals, is a one-stop-all-issues diet. These foods regulate the body's acid balance, shielding cells from dangerous mucus buildup that eventually damages organs and promotes disease onset.

The Benefits of the Dr. Sebi Diet

Any scientific research does not back Dr. Sebi's diet.

A plant-based diet, however, appears to have health benefits. However, there are risks to consider, which we go through in the following section.

Among the potential health advantages of a plant-based diet are the following:

  • Weight loss: According to a 2015 study, a vegan diet led to more weight loss than other, less limiting diets. 
  • Appetite control: A 2016 study of young male participants discovered that they felt more satisfied and full after consuming a plant-based meal that included peas and beans as opposed to a meal that had meat.
  • Altering the microbiome—the term "microbiome" refers to the microbial flora in the gut as a whole. A study from 2019 A plant-based diet, according to Trusted Source, can change the microbiome in a way that lowers the risk of disease. More research will be needed to verify this, though.
  • Disease risk reduction: A 2017 review According to Trusted Source, a plant-based diet may cut the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes in half and the chance of coronary heart disease by 40%.

The Dr. Sebi diet promotes eating whole foods instead of processed ones. According to a 2017 study by a trusted Source, cutting back on processed food will boost the nutritious value of the typical American diet.

Is Dr. Sebi Diet healthy?

Sebi forbids using animal-based proteins, eggs, dairy products, or soy. Hence the diet is severely deficient in protein. He also limits the majority of legumes and beans. Only a few "natural growing grains," hemp seeds, walnuts, and brazil nuts are sources of protein in the diet. Meeting nutritional needs through these items alone can be challenging.

Every cell in the body has a significant amount of protein, which is also necessary for the body to produce and repair tissues. Protein is also a crucial component of cartilage, blood, skin, muscles, and other tissues. Therefore, malnutrition and nutritional deficits can result from restricting key dietary categories and macronutrients.

It weirdly restricts a surprising amount of products even though it does boost some fruits and vegetables. For instance, only cherry or plum tomatoes are permitted. Iceberg lettuce and shiitake mushrooms are two other food types he forbids, further restricting the diet and making it challenging to follow.

Sebi's primary focus is on his supplements, which make grand claims that they can "revitalise and engage intercellular progress" and "expedite the healing process." Unfortunately, some packages cost up to $1,500 and don't include any information about the nutrients or amounts. Due to this, it is challenging to determine how much of his unique mixes and other ingredients are present in his supplements.


The alkaline diet embraces the body's ability to produce energy from food healthily and effectively as a holistic approach to healthcare. Even though many individuals have spoken their opinions about the alkaline diet, many people still need to be made aware of it. This page should have clarified some things about the diet and provided access for people who want to learn more.

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