A diet to alkalize your body: Dr. Sebi's approved foods

Interested in a healthy lifestyle that helps you lose weight, get rid of phlegm and mucus, and naturally prevent diseases such as diabetes and herpes? Isn't it amazing that you can accomplish all this by following a single diet method? Yes, don't be surprised! A treatment based on the diet of Dr. Sebi can be the right solution for the above problems.

Who is Dr.Sebi and what is his claimed diet about?

Alfredo Bowman, also known as Dr. Sebi, is a self-proclaimed healer and herbalist. He believed mucus and acidity are the causes of any disease. According to him, following a plant-based diet can heal many health conditions. 

He also claimed that, as a result of eating certain foods and avoiding others, he said that the body would detoxify, and an alkaline state is achieved to reduce disease risk. This diet is based on the African Bio-Mineral Balance theory and is designed for people who opt to rely on natural methods for healing.

What is an alkaline diet and how is it effective in healing?

The alkaline diet is replacing acid-forming foods with plant-based foods that are helpful for health by affecting our blood's pH balance. Those who support this diet claim that it can even help fight serious diseases like cancer.

What is blood PH balance?

Normally blood pH balance is slightly alkaline and its pH value ranges between 7.35 to 7.45. 

  • You develop acidosis when your blood pH drops below 7.35. 
  • Alkalosis occurs when your blood pH exceeds 7.45.

Some other health issues like asthma, diabetes, gout, infection, shock, blood haemorrhage, drug overdose, poisoning, heart, kidney, lung malfunction etc., occur with too acidic or too alkaline blood pH levels.

Age-related muscle loss can be mitigated by consuming an alkaline diet. It might be possible to prevent diabetes by eating alkaline foods. In addition to the above benefits, alkaline diets are known to rectify several other health issues. 

It emphasises the consumption of fruits and vegetables by avoiding meat and processed foods. 

The alkaline or Dr.Sebi’s diet contains:

The foods that are most alkaline include:


Fruits, &


Benefits of taking Dr. Sebi’s diet:

  • Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet contains lots of fibre, and unprocessed foods, and does not contain as much nicotine or caffeine as other diets.
  • When followed for a long period, this diet can lead to weight loss.
  • By enhancing the gut biome, controlling blood sugars, and preventing binge eating, fibre helps improve health.  
  • It is claimed that these foods help control acid levels in the body, protecting cells from harmful mucus buildup that eventually damages organs.

Dr. Sebi's diet prohibits the following foods:


Foods containing monosodium glutamate, Ready-to-eat foods, Honey, Most legumes, Yeast, Wheat, Animal products, and all 

genetically modified food.

Certain vegetarian foods are also prohibited. Among the ingredients are garlic, soy, cilantro, sugar, maple syrup, parsley, cilantro, spinach, asparagus, and green bananas.

This diet prohibits all addictive substances, including caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. It is allowed to drink herbal teas.

Rules to be strictly followed in Dr. Sebi’s diet:

  • Dietary guidelines specify what foods you should eat.
  • Drink one gallon (3.8 litres) of water per day.
  • Take Dr. Sebi's supplements about an hour before taking medication.
  • It is forbidden to consume animal products.
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol.
  • Make sure to avoid wheat products and only consume "natural-growing grains."
  • Don't microwave your food to prevent it from being killed.
  • Stay away from canned or seedless fruits.

Alkaline diets encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables, along with healthy plant foods, while restricting junk foods. Since it does not contain processed or unhealthy foods, it helps to restore the body in any case. 

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